Los Soles! The art of Zarco and Carmen Guerrero


Please join us for the opening reception of:

Los Soles! Mandalas/Images of the Sun

The art of Zarco and Carmen Guerrero

Wednesday, March 27th, 6:30 pm


“Los Soles (The Suns) is a series of carved relief sculptures that express the grandeur and intensity of the desert sun. Each piece attempts to blend various Native American styles and motifs such as Hohokam, Aztec and Northwest Coast to conjure up a new way of seeing this life giving source. As an artist, I strive to give the sun a face so as to see it as a person and a deity.”

Zarco Guerrero lives is Mesa and has been an active part of the Arizona arts community for more than 30 years. He is best known for his masks and he apprenticed with master mask makers in Japan, Bali, Indonesia and China. He is a sculptor, muralist, performance artist, poet, musician and community activist. His work has appeared on PBS television and he has been honored with awards from the Arizona Commission on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts as well as the prestigious Governor’s Arts Award. Guerrero teaches the art of mask making and regularly performs and exhibits throughout the United States.


Carmen de Novais-Guerrero: Musician, Artist, Educator

As a musician, Carmen formed the popular band Zúm Zúm Zúm and still sings and plays guitar and accordion as the duo Bossa Nossa. As an educator, she explores her indigenous roots through music and art in order to foster multicultural understanding. She serves on the boards of many local arts organizations and works as Artist in Residence. As a jewelry designer, she exhibits and sells her beaded artwork as part of the women’s artists collective The Phoenix Fridas. As a community organizer, she co-founded Xicanindio (now Xico, Inc., in Chandler) the Cultural Coalition in 1997 and the Arizona Latino Arts and Cultural Center  in 2007 in Phoenix. As an artistic producer, she has organized many Dia de Los Muertos Festivals in Arizona and produces theatrical plays dedicated to issues of cultural literacy and social justice.




www.carmencreations.com  & www.thephoenixfridas.com




2 thoughts on “Los Soles! The art of Zarco and Carmen Guerrero

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  2. It was such a pleasure making masks with Zarco when he was an artist in residence at Greenfield School in the 90’s.

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