Hot Yoga Rejuvenation Cleanse

Due to the low number of sign-ups for the June Yoga Cleanse we have decided to cancel this class. Please check back soon as we will be hosting similar cleanses later this Summer.


Never done a cleanse before? The Hot Yoga Rejuvenation Cleanse is designed especially for you! This cleanse will help you rebalance, lose weight, and achieve a newfound sense of well-being and mental clarity.

In a nutshell this cleanse entails:

1. Preparing the body for detoxification by “eating clean” for 4 days

2. Eliminating toxins from the body through 2 days of juice feasting

3. Facilitating the detoxification process with body movement and breath work


Here’s a testimonial from a previous cleanse participant:

“The best things that have happened in my life have been “accidents” – events I didn’t plan, outcomes I didn’t predict!
So, because of Pomegranate and the Detox Cleanse, I am an accidental vegan!  The best life change I could have imagined.
I’d been eating at Pom for some time because the food was delicious (especially the desserts), Cassie and Marlene were wonderful, I loved the vibe and the way they were living their dream.  I still ate sugar, meat, lots of cheese and bread — no soda, no fast food, but not a healthy diet.  I felt overweight, tired, moody, and wanted to do something about it but didn’t know where to start.  I didn’t want to do a radical diet (been there, have the t-shirt), didn’t have the patience for a slow discipline … I just didn’t know where to start.
When POM had a detox cleanse that was so easy — they provided all the food and the structure was helpful, I knew what to expect — I thought it might kickstart me into a decision about how to change my eating and lose some weight.  I had no intention of making a lifetime or even a long term change — I just wanted to breakup with my extra tummy and get my energy level higher.  I have always beleived in the relationship between my health (mental and physical) and food.  It just makes sense — garbage in, garbage out.
I signed up and did what they suggested — I didn’t have to make any decisions, follow any plans, cook anything new — easy, reasonable, and yummy.  I hydrated well and the food was delicious.  Normally juice fasting would scare me, but with only two days of a completely liquid diet towards the end so you gradually acclimate, it really was easy. 
After the six day, when I woke up perfectly free to go back to eating my normal diet — I had lost four pounds —  I felt wonderful — really wonderful.  Lots of energy, slept better, didn’t feel sluggish, moody, or bloated — the most surprising part was how clear my thinking was and how much more easygoing my temperament was — my work got easier, body rhythms better, all in just six days.  Amazing.
So — I added back in raw food first, and have stayed vegan ever since.  I still feel great — my hair, skin, moods, sleep — everything is just better.  I had no idea that a change in diet would have so many transforming life benefits.
So often we want to do something, but we don’t know how to get started.  We look at the mountain when we just need to take the first few steps.  The Detox Cleanse is a great gift to  your mind and body, whether or not you become an accidental vegan!
Tracy Barney Neyenhuis”


Cancellation Policy: Should you need to cancel your registration, you must provide notice at least 5 days in advance of the event in order to receive a FULL REFUND. No REFUND or CREDIT is given if canceled within 5 days before the event.



About Pomegranate Café
Pomegranate Café began as a shared dream between mother and daughter, Cassie and Marlene Tolman. Their vision was to create a space where delicious flavor and nutritious ingredients came together with extraordinary service in a unique, earth-conscious environment. With those elements in place a seed was planted, and in the fall of 2009 Pomegranate grew into a lovely little neighborhood café. For more information visit

About Barbara Deppisch, Vibrant Life Health Coaching
Barbara Deppisch was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis as a teenager.  After eight years of suffering from chronic pain and using various medications that did not improve her condition, she discovered natural ways to heal her body through juicing, raw foods, and whole food nutrition.  She has been pain-free and medication-free for over sixteen years.  Barbara is passionate about sharing her story of natural healing, and for the past 11 years she has helped many others lead healthier lifestyles through her wellness coaching.  She loves supporting others through individual consultations and teaching her juicing and raw foods classes.  She also leads groups through the 4-week detoxification program that began her own journey of healing.  Barbara has a Master of Education degree and is a former Montessori teacher. She is currently co-owner of a children’s gym in Chandler called Great Play.  She lives in Chandler with her husband and 3 sons. Learn more about Barbara at and

About Hot Yoga Ahwatukee
At Hot Yoga Ahwatukee, we believe Yoga can benefit everyone. It is our mission to provide the residents of Ahwatukee a neighborhood studio offering the highest quality yoga instruction in a state-of-the-art hot yoga facility to people of all ages, ability levels and body types enabling them to achieve the benefits of overall better health. For more information visit


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    • Hi Valerie, This cleanse has actually been cancelled due to the low number of sign-ups. Please check back with us in the near future as we plan on doing more cleanses like this this Summer.

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